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NATO M&S Basic Course

NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence will organize and conduct the 6th edition of the NATO M&S Basic Course from 21 to 24 November 2017. The course objective is to deliver basic knowledge about the M&S use in the military context. The course has been accredited by NATO Joint Force Trainer as “NATO Selected”.
We have the pleasure to inform all of you that the NATO M&S Basic Course is also open to Partners as follows:
- Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC)
- NATO‘s Mediterranean Dialogue (MD)
- Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI)
- Partners across the globe (Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mongolia)
- International organization (UN, EU, OSCE).
For your information, the course covers the following parts:
- Introduction to M&S, M&S Organization in NATO context
- M&S applications in military: classification based on M&S Master Plan
- Statistics, Probability and Randomness for M&S
- Modelling & Simulation Life Cycle
- Model Development & Simulation – Hands On
- M&S Supporting CD&E
- M&S in Support of Collective Training – Computer Assisted Exercises
- Interoperability - Distributed Simulation (Simlab)
- M&S Supporting CD&E use case: Simulated Interactive Robotics Initiative & M&S
  Way Ahead
- M&S Supporting Experimentation Use Case: CWIX & M&S Focus Area, M&S LL in   
  Concept Development and Experimentation
Before joining the NATO M&S Basic Course, it is recommended to attend the ADL 211 M&S Cadet Course (available through the NATO e-Learning portal: https://jadl.act.nato.int)


Admin and joining instructions to be published here, starting with 90 days before the course execution (NLT 11.08.2017).

Below the Agenda of the Course:


Admin and logistic information

NATO M&S COE presentation

Introduction into M&S (model, simulation, general, history, abstraction, fidelity, resolution, scale, M&S categories (LVC), NATO MS organization, NATO context

M&S applications in military: classification based on M&S Master Plan

Statistics, Probability, Randomness for M&S

Modelling and Simulation Cycle Model Development & Simulation - hands on

Model Development use case: Urbanization Project

M&S supporting Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E)

M&S in support of training (CAX)

M&S in support of training (JTLS based) - hands on

Interoperability/Distributed simulation

M&S supporting CD&E use case: SIRI Simulated Interactive Robotics Initiative & Future of M&S

M&S supporting Experimentation use case: CWIX & M&S Focus Area & M&S LL





The NATO M&S COE is dedicated to the promotion of M&S in support of operational requirements, training and interoperability. The Centre will act as a catalyst for transformation through the involvement of NATO, governments, academia, industry, operational and training entities, by improving the networking of NATO and nationally owned M&S systems, the cooperation between Nations and organisations through the sharing of M&S information and developments and serving as an international source of expertise for transformation in the related domain.