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NATO CAX Forum 2016

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The NATO CAX Forum 2016 was held at the Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG) home site in OTTOBRUNN, Germany from Sep 20th to 23rd, organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (NATO M&S CoE) in cooperation with IABG networked business group and the German Armed Forces. The eleventh Forum edition was again focused on technical issues and operating procedures related to simulation-based exercises and training support. This edition welcomed around 245 CAX Personnel and M&S experts from 35 countries – NATO Members and Partners such as the Partnership for Peace Programme, the Mediterranean Dialogue, and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, as well as from Contact Countries and other Nations. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the future of the NATO CAX activities, with the valuable contribution of the University experts and numerous technology demonstrations staged in the IABG conference environment from 17 different industrial groups and governmental agencies.

The Forum's primary goal is to promote the exchange of information and "best practices" among the staffs of NATO and national simulation/exercise centres. This event represents an important opportunity for updating on the latest guidelines on the topic of simulation in training support. An extensive program of sessions and tutorials, combined with demonstrations on the use of simulation systems, have even more increased its significance.

Among the specific topics addressed in the current edition, particular interest was attracted in the workshops dedicated to the cooperation between the NATO and national simulation centres, on M&S as a network Service and on the creation of a M&S lessons learned harvesting capacity, as well as sessions on NATO Armed Forces collective training requirements.

Special tracks also focused on National Simulation Centres best practices and NATO training entities such as the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) and the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) activities and challenges.






Day 1, Tuesday 20 Sept. 2016


Welcome address:

Cpt (ITA N) Vincenzo MILANO, NATO M&S COE Director

Dr. Karsten DEISEROTH, IABG Senior VP, Defence & Security


  1. LTG DEU A Richard ROSSMANITH, Commander Multinational HQ Ulm: Innovation in forces training to support NATO
  2. MG DEU A Wilhelm GRÜN, Commander NATO JFTC Bydgoszcz: Connecting training capabilities between nations and NATO - Challenges and Benefits from a NATO Training Centre' s perspective
  3. Mr. Thomas C. IRWIN, Executive Director, Joint Training, US JS J7:Joint Force Challenges
BG ITA AF Francesco VESTITO, Director ITA General Defence Staff Centre for Defence Innovation: How M&S can Support CD&E and Training

SESSION 1A - CAX M&S Services

  1. Requirements for the next generation of M&S Services and tools in Support of NATO Training. ACT project CoreSim 2020 (Mr. Dan BERRY, NATO SACT HQ/ Dr. Alberto TREMORI, NATO CMRE)
  2. M&S as a Service to meet increasing training demands (Dr. Robert SIEGFRIED, ADITERNA/ MSG-136 Chairperson)
  3. Advanced Use of Simulation in CAX (Mr. Kostantinos TSIAKALOS, MSETT Hellas S.E.)

SESSION 1B - CAX M&S Services

  1. Efficient workflows for generation and supply of geospatial data for simulation systems IABG mbH)
  2. NATO Simulation Interoperability Test and Certification Service (LTC Jan HODICKY, NATO M&S COE/Mr. Bjorn LOFSTRAND, Pitch)
  3. CAX as a service (Mr. Sven MUELLER, IABG)

 SESSION 2 - Current Warfare M&S for Exercises & Planning

  1. T-REX About Hybrid Warfare (Prof. Agostino BRUZZONE, DIME - University of Genoa)
  2. CAX Budget Challenges (Mr. Kostantinos TSIAKALOS, MSETT Hellas S.E.)
  3. Simulation for Critical Infrastructure Protection (Dr. Stephan GOTTWALD, IABG mbH)


Day 2, Wednesday 21 Sept. 2016

 WORKSHOP 1 - NATO/ National Simulation Centres Cooperation

 Discussion on the way to share resources (inform, offer, exploit and reuse) among and within both NATO and National Sim / Training Centers (LTC Jason JONES, NATO M&S COE/ LTC Wolfhard SCHMIDT, NATO JFTC)

 WORKSHOP 2 - M&S As A Service

Bringing training specialists and M&S experts together - MSG-136 (Dr. Robert SIEGFRIED, ADITERNA)

SESSION 3 - CAX Models

  1. Logistic Command Post Training (Mr. Hans TEN BERGEN, MASA)
  2. JTLS Continuing Forward (Mrs. Ellen ROLAND, ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation)
  3. Use of GESI Software for Officer`s Training at German Army Officer School (LTC GONNERMANN, German Army Officer School)
  4. The Simulation System KORA/OA; Logistics in a Constructive Simulation (LTC Volker OTT-ENGELMANN, DEU Army Warfighting Simulation Centre )

 WORKSHOP 3 - M&S Lesson Learned Capability

NATO Lessons Learned Portal (Ms. Tiffany GENEST, NATO JALLC)

 SESSION 4 - NATO Training/ Simulation Centres

  1. JFTC training centre situation update (LTC Wolfhard SCHMIDT, NATO JFTC)
  2. JWC CAX contribution to NATO training and exercises status update (Mr. Andrzej WNUK, NATO JWC)
  3. M&S COE update (LTC Jan HODICKY, NATO M&S COE)
  4. Best practice on connecting national and NATO training capabilities using Balkan Bridges 2015 and NATO-Georgia exercise (LTC Wolfhard SCHMIDT, NATO JFTC/Col Miroslav MARINOV, BUL National Military Training Complex "Charalitza" Chief)

 SESSION 5 - C2-Sim Interoperability

  1. Lessons learned from German Army exercises with C2Sim connected systems (Mr. Sebastian STIEGLER, IABG)
  2. Lessons learned from integrating GESI with C2IS (Mr. Peter MEYER ZU DREWER, CAE)
  3. Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) for FüInfoSys H based on a SOA Platform (Mr. Hartmut SEIFERT, IABG DS OP10)
  4. Virtual Operation HeadQuarters (VOHQ), the future of Web-based ETE (Mr. Cem KUMSAL, SACT HQ)


Day 3, Thursday 22 Sept. 2016

 SESSION 6A - National Simulation & Training Centres Best practices

  1. New approach in interoperability between JTLS simulation system and C2 system SZAFRAN (LTC Pawel BORYN, POL War Game and Simulation Center, Mr. Przemyslaw NIERODA, PIT-RADWAR S.A.)
  2. Estonian Simulation Centre (Maj. Tamur KUSNETS, Estonian Defence Forces, National Defence College)
  3. Perspectives for the DEU Army Simulation Landscape (Col. Manfred NEUBER, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre)

SESSION 6B - National Simulation & Training Centres Best practices

  1. All Things Missile Cloud Training Capability Joint Training and Exercises (J7) for US Strategic Command’s Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense (STRATCOM/JFCC IMD)
  2. CAX as one pillar in Training Specialized Forces at SOEC (LTC Tobias DANIEK, DEU Specialized Operations Exercise Centre)
  3. Air Manoeuvre Tactical Leadership Training (LTC Christoph HEGELE, International Helicopter Training Center)
  4. The future German Army Air Manouevre Training Centre - fostering a new level of training competency by interlacing virtual simulation with practical training (LTC Josef TAUBENEDER, Army Air Manouevre Training Centre)

SESSION 7 - CAX Models

  1. MILSIM and EDMSIM: New wave of CAX simulations (Mr. Harry THOMPSON, C4i Training and Technology)
  2. BISim Simulation Capabilities (Mr Craig TURNER, BISim)
  3. Naval Tactical Simulation System – NTSS (Mr. Sven MÜNDERMANN, IABG)

SESSION 8 - Experimentation for Training

  1. M&S-based CAX supporting CD&E (LTC Marco BIAGINI, NATO M&S COE)
  2. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: Immutable Psychological Principles for Training and Assessment (Peer MANSKE, IABG - Safety Academy)
  3. Dual Use Simulation : Using Training Modelling & Simulations for Analytical Simulation (Col (GS) Soenke MARAHRENS, German Air Force/ Prof Dr. Ulrike LECHNER, University of the Armed Forces MUNICH/Prof Dr Armin FUEGENSCHUH, University of the Armed Forces HAMBURG)

-   Part I University of the Armed Forces HAMBURG (Team led by Prof Dr Armin FUEGENSCHUH, University of the Armed Forces HAMBURG)

Part II University of the Armed Forces MUNICH (Team led by Prof Dr Ulrike LECHNER, University of the Armed Forces MUNICH)

SESSION 9 - M&S for Situational Awareness & Electronic Warfare

Simulation of optimized locations for Electronic Warfare and Communications Equipment (Mr. Christian WALTER, LS telcom AG)

SESSION 10 - Collective Training and Exercises Requirements

  1. ET-039 (Operational requirements for training interoperability) (Mr. J. Tom WALROND, US JS J7)
  2. MSG-147 (Crisis disaster management processes) (Col. Orlin NIKOLOV, CMDR COE)
  3. BOLD QUEST 2015: A France-U.S Close Air Support Training Event Supported by Simulation (Kévin CAYRE, French Ministery Of Defense / DGA)
  4. C2 - Simulation Interoperability (C2SIM) Update (Dr. John Mark PULLEN, George Mason University C4I & Cyber Center Director/ Dr. Rob WITTMAN, MITRE Corporation)

SESSION 11 - CAX Experiences

  1. I3X return of experience (Mr. Pierre DUBOIS, Rockwell-Collins France/ Dr. Angus MCLEAN, Rockwell-Collins)
  2. Social Media – Potential for CAX (Dr. Carolin BUSCH, IABG)


Wrap-up Session - Declaration of NATO CAX Forum 2017 event (Cpt (ITA N) Vincenzo MILANO, NATO M&S COE Director)


The NATO M&S COE is dedicated to the promotion of M&S in support of operational requirements, training and interoperability. The Centre will act as a catalyst for transformation through the involvement of NATO, governments, academia, industry, operational and training entities, by improving the networking of NATO and nationally owned M&S systems, the cooperation between Nations and organisations through the sharing of M&S information and developments and serving as an international source of expertise for transformation in the related domain.